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Soft Skills Training Presentation Store

Soft Skills are crucial for survival in Work 4.0. The use of English in mastering these skills are important to working populations across the world. The ESL classroom needs to incorporate the vocabulary and conceptual skills associated with the new work environment.

Using the the 21st Century Skills Framework and the Singapore Core Skills Framework as  foundation. Business Jam developed the Business Jam ESL Soft Skills training series. 


These presentations are ideal for in-house training programs in schools, universities and businesses. Designed for the novice and experienced trainer alike, these presentation are easy to prepare and deliver. No need to waste your time on designing content anymore. The Business Jam Soft Skills series are professional, fun, design-driven presentations utilizing both right-brain sensing and left-brain thinking.

More about the material


Each presentation in the Business Jam Soft Skills Framework is developed with English Second language speakers in mind. Core concepts are broken down into manageable English and highlighted in separate slides.


Where deemed instructive, language structures that would improve English communication are included either in the core body of the presentations or as Addenda. Throughout practical exercises are included to facilitate interactive learning, and not just passive reception. Presentations are fully customizable to ensure the optimization of online/offline delivery.


Presentations are modular and can be used separately or in combination with other presentations to deliver a variety of formats from weekly training meetings to once-off workshops.

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Download the full framework here.


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