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  • Our Leadership: An Introduction Workshop PPT covers an extensive range of topics about leadership.
  • Ideal for HIPO's, team leaders, supervisors and other staff starting out their journey to become leaders.
  • Provides a thorough grounding in leadership theory and its application.


Workshop Content


  • What Is Leadership?
  • Leadership Tasks and Characteristics
  • Leadership Skills and Competencies
  • Leadership Styles
  • Leadership Motivation
  • Leadership and Power
  • L:Eadership and Influence
  • Building Trust as A Leader
  • Leadership In Action
  • Leading Into The Future



  • Fully customizable deck
  • References and links
  • No need for additional material or print outs (eco-friendly)
  • 1 x free trainer access to our LMS for self-study


Leadership: An Introduction - Workshop Training Material

  • 131

  • Workship | Modular

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