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It has become vital for CEOs and Executive Management to adjust to international business standards, especially when interacting with colleagues and clients from across the globe. 

The Soft Skills Workspace offers a range of coaching services to Executives that will optimize Executive performance when needed most. Our services are ideally suited for Executives who uses English as a Second Language. Through personal one-on-one coaching we will help you to gain the confidence to perform optimally in international settings. All coaching is done with the actual material clients use in their company on a day to day basis.

All Executive Coaching contracts are tailor-made to the needs of our clients. You can choose to pay per session or buy a set package like the ones listed below.  Session are conducted online or offline, depending on the needs of the client.


Presentation Coaching

We will help you to improve your:
  • presentation structure
  • preparation for the event
  • vocal delivery
  • physical delivery
  • fluency
  • pronunciation
Financial Advisor

Running Efficient Meetings

We will help you to:
  • Set an agenda for a meeting
  • Understand International meeting etiquette
  • Improve your listening and speaking in  a meeting
  • Conduct a question and answer session
All Hands In

Cross-Cultural Coaching

We will help you to understand:
  • Cross-cultural theory
  • International meeting etiquette
  • Business etiquette
  • Formal dinner service
  • Wine Tasting
  • Travel Etiquette
and many more...
Office Coffee Break

Day-to-day Communication

We will support you in:
  • Conducting meetings
  • Making Small Talk
  • Telephone manner
  • Improving your online delivery
  • Voice Training
  • Pronunciation
  • Body Language
  • General fluency in speaking
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