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The Soft Skills Workspace Framework is a complete map of the skills needed to successfully compete in today's competitive business environment. 

We offer a range of free resources, paid courses, online classes and training material to help you get ahead on the international stage. All material are accessible to English Second Language speakers, equipping you with up-to-date theory and concepts that are quick to grasp.

Learn more about the Framework here.

Learning Skills

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Literacy Skills






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Life Skills







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Social Skills

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A Comprehensive Framework

Soft Skills are crucial for survival in Work 4.0. The use of English in mastering these skills are important to working populations across the world. The 21st Century Skills Framework and the Singapore Core Skills Framework provide solid foundations for the development of a range of Soft Skills training materials.

Using this as basis, The Soft Skills Workspace has developed a Collaborative Workspace comprising of free resources, paid courses, online classes and training material that will help individuals and organizations to achieve their Learning and Development goals.

Soft Skills and English Second Language Speakers

All material in our Soft Skills Workspace Framework is developed with English Second language speakers in mind. For example advanced concepts are broken down into manageable English and Core concepts are highlighted in separate slides. Throughout practical exercises are included to facilitate active learning, and not just passive reception.



Our easy-to-deliver, modular courses and presentations can be used separately or in combination with other presentations to cater for a variety of training situations, such as weekly training meetings and once-off workshops.

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