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The Basics

Skill Set

What is Communication?

Communication is the process of creating meaning through symbolic interaction

Communication is:

  • Symbolic

  • A continuous, ongoing process

  • Irreversible

  • Relational (social)

Essential Communication, 2020,  (2nd Edition ) Adler, Rodman and Du Pre


How can Business Jam help you?

Courses (TBC)

  • Communication: An Introduction

  • Public Speaking

  • Business Writing

  • Coaching


Online Course/Class with Instructor

Free Self Study Material

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Free Resources

Use our Free Resources ta learn more about Communication. Add your comments to the debate in the comments box below.

Collaborate with us

Take part in the debate. What are your opinions about the following:

  • What is Communication?

  • How can you improve Communication in the workplace?

  • What are the barriers to effective Communication?

  • How can you manage Communication between conflicting parties?

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