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The Basics

Skill Set

What is Collaboration?

Collaboration refers to the capacity of an individual to contribute effectively in a group. This involves perseverance, contributing to team knowledge, valuing contributions of others and resolving differences. Effective collaboration involves a division of labour with participants who are engaged in active discourse that results in a compilation of their efforts.

Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER)


Three Pillars of Collaboration

  • Building shared understanding

  • Collectively contributing

  • Regulating group dynamics


How can Business Jam help you?


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Training Material

Free Resources

Use our Free Resources ta learn more about Collaboration. Add your comments to the debate in the comments box below.

Collaborate with us

Take part in the debate. What are your opinions about the following:

  • What is Collaboration?

  • How can you improve Collaboration in the workplace?

  • What are the barriers to effective Collaboration?

  • How can you manage Collaboration between conflicting parties?

Training Material

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