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Business Meeting


The Basics

What is Business Literacy?

Business Literacy aims to provide all employees a holistic view of how an organization functions outside their own area of expertise. The knowledge gained through Business Literacy will help to improve company culture, cross-functional collaboration and overall understanding of the business.


Areas of study:

  • Strategy (The Strategic Planning process, KPI Management, Internal and External Analysis, etc.)

  • Financial Management Basics

  • Marketing (Brand Management, Marketing Management, Marketing research, Advertising, Digital Marketing)

  • Operations Management

  • Human Resource management

  • Customer Service Management

  • Change Management

  • Supply Chain Management

  • Basic Economics

  • Basic Data Analysis

  • MindWare

How can Business Jam help you?


Free Self Study Material

Training Material

  • TBC

Free Resources

Use our Free Resources ta learn more about Business Literacy. Add your comments to the debate in the comments box below.

Collaborate with us

Take part in the debate. What are your opinions about the following:

  • How business literate are you? How much do you know about how your company functions?

  • Why do you think business literacy is important for you in the future?

  • Which area of Business Management do you feel is your biggest weakness?

Training Material

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