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Business Jam has partnered with Coffee Up and The Pronunciation Guy in Ho Chi Minh City to bring you English Up - a community of like-minded students who want to study English in an immersive environment at their own pace. Under this broad umbrella, students have the chance to study language skills (general English, Pronunciation) or business skills (Soft skills, Business English, English for special purposes).

Currently English Up has the following classes on offer:

Gather Ups
Gather Ups are speaking clubs open to students from various levels. The main aim of these events is to have fun while practicing English. Gather Ups usually takes place twice a week. Two educators/trainers will be on hand to guide 15-20 students through various fun activities.
Payment options: Various 
Duration: 2 hours

Meet Ups
Meet Ups are small group classes (max. 6 students) based on proficiency level or specific purpose. Classes are offered at least twice a week. Curricula are based on CEFR levels using proven ESL offline and online course material.
​Payment options: Various
Duration: 1 hour/class
Step Ups
Step Ups are personal 1-on-1 classes with highly experienced educators. Class material are tailormade to the needs of the students which could include pronunciation training, executive coaching, presentation coaching, general discussion and more. 
​Payment options: Various
Duration: 1 hour/class

More about our course material 

Offline learning is supplemented with Online material which broadens the learning horizon of the students and prepares students to add value in face-to-face classes. it also helps students to  keep up with classes they might have missed

Depending on the course, all students will also be subscribe to:

Macmillan English Campus or

Let's Learn English

More about our Educators/Trainers

Our professional, CELTA-qualified core of educators develop lesson plans in accordance with Business Jam curricula and the newest teaching methodology. All lesson plans are structured to optimize student interaction and target language production, thereby aiding natural acquisition.
For more details please go to our English Up Facebook Page or contact

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