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O*Net Online: The Essential Career Path Resource

Whether you are a junior fed-up with your boss and ready to make your Big Move, or a student stuck in the quagmire of career choices, we have found the ultimate Career Database to put you on the right track.

With 'standardized and occupation-specific descriptors on almost 1,000 occupations", O*Net Online is one of the most comprehensive databases on the web. Each occupation is discussed in detail, covering the following topics:

  • Job Title

  • Tasks

  • Technology Skills

  • Work Activities

  • Soft Skills

  • Knowledge

  • Education

  • Abilities

  • Interests

  • Work Values

  • Work Styles

  • And much more ...

Sponsored by the USA Department of Labor, O*Net Online is a free resource that offers valued, up-to-date data that is "essential to understanding the rapidly changing nature of work".

So next time you want to make the Big Move, check out O*Net Online to see if it really is the job for you and what you have to do to clinch that interview.

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