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A Comprehensive Framework

Soft Skills are crucial for survival in Work 4.0. The use of English in mastering these skills are important to working populations across the world. The 21st Century Skills Framework and the Singapore Core Skills Framework provide solid foundations for the development of a broader range of ESL Soft Skills training materials.

Using this as basis, Business Jam has developed a range of English Soft Skills Presentations that are designed to enhance your corporate training program by offering your employees the opportunity to gain valuable soft skills while practicing their English skills at the same time. 

The Business Jam Soft Skills Framework can be summarized as follow:



Download Soft Skills Framework.

Skills and Developmental Stage


Acquiring the skills necessary to survive in Work 4.0 can only be accomplished over time. Each skill set have different components that need to be introduced systematically, at the right time in the learning cycle. Business Jam divides the Learning cycle into four phases: Secondary | Tertiary | Entry Level Staff | Mid Level Staff and Up. Skills that are not acquired at the right time can always be acquired later. To ensure a holistic approach to skills development, assessment should be practical, ongoing and part of the learning process.

Softs Skills Topics By Developmental Stage











Our easy-to-deliver, modular presentations can be used separately or in combination with other presentations to cater for a variety of training situations, such as weekly training meetings and once-off workshops.

For face-to-face online delivery, all courses are adjusted to suit your specific needs. Prices are negotiated based on company requirements and number of attendees. 

Please visit our store for more information about our material.


Sample presentations can be downloaded here. 

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